National STEM Centre York

York MakerFest is a free event for everyone, allowing all to learn and share skills to make amazing projects and an amazing community. 

An event for all ages, all experiences and everyone who wants to try something new.

Welcome to York MakerFest

At York MakerFest we are dedicated to providing a free event for both children and adults to learn new making skills and for makers to share their skills.

So whether you’re a beginner, or a pro, come on down and have a go at something new – you never know, you might just make it your new hobby!


Free Making.

Make what you want, and attend the event for free. Very tempting! Come on down to York MakerFest, learn new skills and make new projects. Plus, you could be leaving the event attending a new making club you didn’t know about!

Run a club/makerspace?

Help others

Happy days!

Good at something? Don’t keep it to yourself, help others and forge new friends and maybe even club attendees.

Share tools

Bob the builder!

Run a club or makerspace? Got some tools that others can borrow for making? We want you!

Team Work?
York MakerFest Spirit?

Our charity of the year for 2020 is...

St Leonard's Hospice

We hope to see you join us in raising cash for this amazing local charity!

Don't stay a beginner. Learn new skills and build on them!

Work on your skills, and don’t worry if you find you don’t like particular types of making, not everyone does! York MakerFest is the place to try everything!

Raising money for St Leonard's Hospice

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Get in touch to become a partner/sponsor of York MakerFest 2020! We can’t wait for your email.