About Us.

York MakerFest aims to provide an exciting event centred around making of all kinds from knitting and crafts to computer software. It is designed to be family friendly so there will be something for all age groups to enjoy. And guess what? Its all free to enter and to participate! In doing this we hope to help people to be inspired and to get a new hobby and facilitate people starting that hobby. 

We want to benefit everyone and give them the opportunity to get involved in making and gain new skills, our Charity Of The Year scheme also allows us to benefit the wider community with our event so everybody can benefit from our events.

 At our events we have:

  • Workshops
  • Talks
  • Stalls


We ask local and national organisations to come in and give workshops for you to learn how to do a new skill. We hope that you will enjoy them and perhaps find yourself a new hobby – of course its fine just to have a go and see what you like!


We try to get larger companies and organisations involved to give interesting talks centred around STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) and the use of ‘making’ skills in the workplace and in real life projects. These are designed to help people to see how the skills they learn can transfer into a career in the future or so that you can just learn something new and get an insight into how organisations operate and use making skills.


The stalls at our event have three main purposes:

1 – to allow people to purchase products to get started on a new hobby.

2 – to allow makers to sell their products at the event.

3 – To allow local organisations to talk to our visitors and explain what they do to smaller groups of people.

Whatever the purpose they provide an exciting variety of products to buy and different hobbies/organisations to talk about – we’re sure you will love it! Plus there’s our charity bake stall which is raising money for our Charity of the year 2020 – St Leonard’s Hospice.

We need your help!

To allow our events to continue to take place we need donations! Please consider donating to York MakerFest.

Please also donate to our Charity of the Year – St Leonards’s Hospice you can access the page¬†here.

We want to make our event help everyone, all the time!

To do this we are developing an education website to provide parents, educators and individuals with useful resources and including lesson plans.

This will all be free and funded by kind donations and sponsorships.

Watch this space for more details soon!

Interested in running a workshop, talk or stall? – Visit our External Volunteers page

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