An important update on York MakerFest in May regarding the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) outbreak.


Today we have made the difficult decision to cancel the York MakerFest event in May due to the growing concerns related to COVID-19 (Coronavirus). We are absolutely devastated, as this event was something as a team we had been leading up to with such a strong passion. We can only apologise, but there is just far too much uncertainty for us to continue to ask young people, parents, makers, organisation and company representatives and volunteers to make travel and attend our event which will host a large number of attendees under one roof.

If you have tickets under your name for York MakerFest 2020 don’t worry, these tickets will automatically be removed, and you will be able to get new tickets when the new date is announced. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Here is a message from organiser Luke about this.

York MakerFest was to be an exciting new event, which allowed everyone to learn and try out new skills for free, whilst also raising money for our charity of the year.

Since this is our first ever York MakerFest we wanted to make it perfect. After careful consideration and planning, we decided that the uncertainty that the event would even go ahead and not be cancelled closer to the date was too high, so we have decided to make the decision to postpone the event to a later date, so everyone who was planning to be involved can plan ahead.

We hope to now run York MakerFest 2020 in Autumn/Winter. We will update you on this via our website as soon as we have more information and dates.

I can only apologise to the people looking forward to the event, but with this uncertainty, it had a knock on affect on many parts of the event.

Attendee numbers were lower than expected with attendees fearing COVID-19 and the spread to their families and themselves, and nothing we could say or implement could change their minds which is totally understandable. Attendee safety is key and the York MakerFest team would be devastated if an attendee was taken ill at an event.

Organisations and companies were also not willing to send employees to large events with the risk of spread increasing every day.

Finally, York MakerFest has a responsibility to care for our volunteers, and by running this event in May, we would not feel confident in doing so.

Although the event is just over 2 months away, we do not know what the situation may be so we have decided to take this sort of action. It is worth noting that York MakerFest does take attendee and volunteers health and safety seriously and this, as seen by some, over dramatic action is better than taking no action at all.

St Leonard’s Hospice will be notified, but we are glad to say we will be fundraising for the charity at the event which will be later this year, and this will not affect the scheme massively.

We hope to welcome you to our event when the uncertainty is lower, and we hope you understand the difficult decision we have made.

Thank you,

Luke – Organiser

If you have any questions, please do get in touch.

We will update our website accordingly when we get a new date for York MakerFest.

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