Help out at York MakerFest 2021!

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Want to help out at York MakerFest 2021?

Why volunteer at York MakerFest?

At York MakerFest we rely heavily on our volunteers, that’s why we reward them with food and a great reference,

We need volunteers to help us from getting attendees lost when they make their way to workshops and talks. We also need volunteers to help attendees get to the car park and we need volunteers to help us sign in attendees tickets. 

But we also need volunteers from other companies and organisations to run workshops, talks and stalls to show our attendees many different ways of making – and here is the exciting news for those companies and organisations… it’s free to run a workshop and talk.


A workshop

Stall fee?

St Leonard’s Hospice – our charity of the year

Small fee for a stall goes a long way!

At York MakerFest, we want to give back to our community and we do so by nominating a charity for our Charity Of The Year scheme. This year, our charity of the year is St Leonard’s Hospice.

If you plan to sell products/materials at your stall you will be asked to pay a small stall fee of £10. 100% of the stall fee goes to our chosen charity, so you know your money will be put to good use.

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