Where we stand on the #BlackLivesMatter movement

Here is an update from our parent organisation confirming where we, as an organisation, stand on the #BlackLivesMatter movement.

Black Lives Matter.

York Pi Jam and our other organisations are standing with the #BlackLivesMatter movement and call for the end of systemic racism.

These racist and brutal attacks must end.

We call for justice.

There is also a further statement from the organisation about an incident that happened with York MakerFest.

York MakerFest received a complaint informing us about a volunteer’s tweets on the Black Lives Matter movement. As with every concern, we investigated. We would just like to state that we will not be bullied to silence our volunteer’s thoughts on this serious matter, and instead we are standing hand in hand to call for justice. As an organisation, we do not share their political views as we try to remain outside of the political world, but we do share the same views on the movement we all call for justice. We have informed the volunteer of the complaint and we have instructed them on steps to avoid a complaint happening in the future. Their views are not the same as those of the organisation or event, and we will not be taking any further action as this would be censoring someone, and enough of that happens in today’s world. Thank you.

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