York MakerFest and you!

Wondering where we have been? Well here is a little update. We’ve had meetings, organised the venue (National STEM Centre) and got a date (23/05/2020).

Now, we are very busy with slowly putting together schedules, and working out the logistics of York MakerFest.

Now for some of this, we really could do with your help… but how?


Fancy actually helping us on the day of the event, and becoming part of Team York MakerFest 2020? Then we just need you to fill out this important form. You can always remove your application afterwards, so if you are interested, please fill it out as a priority!

Fill out the form on our website here

Where does your data/submissions go?

Well apart from the organisers… no where! We may discuss your answers in meetings but we can promise you no names, email addresses or other contact details will be shared. And if you want to see what data we have stored, and if you want us to remove this, drop us a line!

Forever grateful!

If you fill out the forms, trust us, we will be forever grateful! We want York MakerFest to be organised around the attendees. So get filling out!


Thank you 

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